Last update

Added screenshot of fashion weapon
Added male and female fashion
Added missing gold/damage of skill

I don't think I will keep this fansite alive:
- I could still find new fashion/mount but it isn't fun anymore
- It cost me too much free time for keeping it updated.

ps: I tried to do a database. It's containing the data of the July 1st, 2014 (pwi version) and it's available there : http://pwi.ecatomb.net/database.php
It's working but there are some little bugs in it. So you should better use pwdatabase

pps: so if you want to find the real data about boss of fb99 like Hellfire Abomination, you have to use the database. I won't update it.
Written on 10.07.2014

Added 24 fashions for weapon
Written on 26.05.2014
Skill of pw-ru, pw-ph, pw-br

Fixed a bug with it.
I used russian translation onf the new skill on pw-ru page. Thank you Victor for the link.
Written on 22.05.2014
Skill update

Fixed damage of many skill (damage from lvl1 to lvl9 changed for skill except Transcendent ones).
Coins required changed too, if you have it could you send me it please (mail or guestbook) ?

Need to know a damage from a skill beetween lvl2 and lvl9 to find all other damage of this skill. List of missing skill are under this news.
Written on 21.05.2014
Seeker + Mystic

Missing damage of these skills:

Staggering Strike

Mystic :
Absorb Soul
Bramble Tornado
Gale Force
Nature's Vengeance
Swirling Mist
Written on 21.05.2014
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