My last news (23/08/2014)

As I already said, I won't update this website anymore.
It won't stay alive too. It will be gone in less than one month after being online for 6 years.
If you want to keep seeing some pages of it :
- You can save webpage with your browser
- You can download zip files I created. I put some pages in it with modifications, so they will be working forever.
Just keep in mind than this website will be down in less than one month. So you have to save what you need before it.

Links for the zip files :
Skill, fashion, mount, pet, cultivation, fairy - 177 Mo - ecatomb.net / ecatomb.net on mega
Emotes - 1,66 Mo - emote / emote on mega
Screenshot of armors - 24,8 Mo - armor / armor on mega
Screenshot of weapons - 70,4 Mo - weapon / weapon on mega
Screenshot of bosses - 41,4 Mo - boss / boss on mega
Effect of stones - 1,21 Mo - stone / stone on mega
Effect of pills - 547 Ko - head_bolus / head_bolus on mega